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If you’re looking to turn SBMM off and have no lag whilst playing then our Warzone 2 VPN is for you. Our combined Warzone 2 VPN and Warzone 2 Geo Fence gives you the best chance to experience bot lobbies whilst enjoying the fastest connection on the market. Try MatchMake VPN for PC or Console to get the best bot lobbies possible!

How To Get Bot Lobbies

We found the best way to get bot lobbies is to use our all in one application combining a VPN and a Geo Fence. Find out how our leading technology beats the competition, and can help you take your gameplay to the next level.

MatchMake VPN

Enjoy easier Warzone bot lobbies with our MatchMake VPN. Our technology reduces the average lobby K/D by changing your SBMM location, whilst keeping you connected to low latency servers. Choose from 64 different locations around the world using our encrypted VPN.

MatchMake Geo Fence

Ever wanted to play in a different part of the world? Now you can with our Geo Fence technology. Benefit from playing in different time zones across the world and access easier Warzone lobbies during peak playing hours. Our simple to use application allows you to change locations with ease.

Best VPN Locations For Warzone 2

MatchMake VPN offers 64 Warzone 2 VPN locations with more on the way, giving you the best chance of finding lower K/D bot lobbies. Our server locations are optimized to give you the best bot lobbies, and operate out of the worlds leading datacentre providers, ensuring our services are fast and reliable.

Make Your Mark In The Lowest K/D Lobbies

If you’re searching for the lowest Warzone K/D lobbies our MatchMake VPN & Geo Fence is for you. Our tried a trusted technology, along with our member exclusive tips detailing how to get the best bot lobbies, allows you to maximise your playing time for the best results.

Screenshot of a table showing exceptionally low Call of Duty Warzone K/D ratio lobbies. The table demonstrates the impressive performance of MatchMake VPN for Warzone 2 in achieving these remarkable ratios, highlighting its effectiveness in optimizing gameplay and enhancing player experience.

Warzone 2 Geo Fence

MatchMake Geo Fence allows you to switch game regions effortlessly. Choose from 32 countries around the world to play in and grab yourself some early morning or late night Warzone bot lobbies.

Illustration demonstrating the functionality of the MatchMake geo fence. The image showcases a central connected user at the centre, surrounded by various countries marked with their respective flags. The geo fence restricts access to certain countries, demonstrating how users from different countries can limit where they connected based on a selected geographical location.

How Does It Work?

Our application really is extremely simple to install, in fact it’s almost as easy as turning your PC on. Find out exactly how fast it is to get up and running with MatchMake by following our simple 3 step process.

Step 1 - Install The Software

Once your subscription is active you’ll receive an email with a link to download our MatchMake application along with your unique license key. The software has a very basic installation wizard and it will also install any prerequisites your PC may need.

Step 2 - Fire Up MatchMake

When you’ve installed the application, simply double click the shortcut on your desktop. When prompted at the login screen, enter your unique license key, hit login and you’re ready go.

Step 3 - Get Yourself Some Bot Lobbies

When MakeMake opens, simply pick your Geo Fence location and a VPN of your choice, then hop into Warzone and start getting those high kill win streaks you’ve been looking for.

Get 40% Off All Subscriptions

No one likes confusing pricing, that’s why we’ve kept it simple. MatchMake is purchasable via a simple subscription model, so no big upfront costs. Either subscribe to our one, six or twelve month plans.

One Month

£5.35 / month

One Year

£38.40 / year

Six Months

£27.60 every 6 months

MatchMake VPN

MatchMake Geo Fence

Technical Support

Single Easy To Install Application

Application Updates 


Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions. If your question isn’t covered below, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

What are Bot Lobbies?

A bot lobby is a gaming term for a lobby of players that are typically of a lower skill base than yourself. The definition of a bot lobby will vary between players. For example, a 1.0 KD (Kill/Death) player may consider a bot lobby a 0.5 0-7 KD lobby, whereas a 2.5 KD player may consider a 1-1.2 KD lobby a “bot lobby”.

How can help me?

If you’ve found your way here, we know what it’s like. Dropping into lobbies and consistently being paired with players two or three times your skill base, makes a game you want to enjoy, unenjoyable. Our Geo Fence and VPN technology will help you get lobbies you’ll have much more success in.

Will I get easy lobbies every time I play?

There are many factors that impact the match making process. On occasion you may still get lobbies that are at your skill level, however our tools will significantly improve the the probability of consistently getting lower K/D lobbies.

How can I optimise my experience?

In order to get the best results, as a part of the thousands of hours our team has spent testing, we can provide Geo Fence and VPN recommendations for the region you live in, as well as optimal playing times once you have signed up.

What do I need to get started?

Firstly, you’ll need to sign up to either our one, six or twelve month subscriptions. Once complete, you’ll get access to our BotLobbies dashboard application. This is single application where you simply click to enable the Geo Fence and VPN you wish to use. No complicated installs, no separate applications, just click and play.

But what about Ricochet?

Using a Geo Fence or VPN is not against the Activision terms of service and is completely legitimate to use. Our software can happily run in the background whilst you play, so once you’ve set yourself up simply start the game.

Will this work on my console?

MatchMake VPN is available for XBOX & PlayStation consoles. Take a look!

Can I pay with PayPal?

We accept PayPal on all subscriptions, please note that PayPal orders can take up to 24 hours to process. To pay using PayPal please go to

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